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From the Hardship of 2020 Emerges Wisdom Anew

Sky Bishop found solace and inspiration in lockdown

The past year has had Sky Bishop worked off her feet. Whilst in lockdown she embarked on a new project; recording live performances of her songs on her acoustic piano. A task, she says, most have little insight into.

”If people only knew the bitter attitudes of some toward recording acoustic piano and vocals simultaneously, you’d think it’d never been done before. One thing I’ve learned this year is that most people, these days, have no idea about the piano recording lineage. It falls to nerds like me to change that.”

A long time lover of digital pianos Sky Bishop has been drawn back to acoustic pianos, the cornerstone of her music. Determined more than ever to bring back wisdom from the old ways both musically and spiritually.

“2020 shon a spotlight on human selfishness. This is a time to take stock. Or our planet will reject us. If humans are to make it to the next century we all must learn from the past. Soak in the old time wisdom. For me that manifests musically.”

Songstress, Pianist

The songs are driven by a central emotion. The music comes first, that’s the emotion, the first language, and it’s the music which reveals the lyrics, never the other way around for me.” - Sky Bishop on songwriting.