New Music In The Works

A new troupe of songs have started whispering in my ear. All at varying states of completion thus far. They accompanied me in hibernation through 2020 and now is their time to talk. Each of them feel different in personality…

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Thoughtform 4th Chronicle: Halloween 

On the evening of Halloween ten years ago today this song was written. Semi-unintentionally I might add. I was dicking about at the piano, playing around with this 3/4 intro thing, singing nonsense. Quickly it turned from less of a…

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Live in Lockdown vids 2021

As of right now I’m in rehearsal mode getting a collection of songs ready to perform for a live in lockdown set. I’ve decided to go ‘full on’ with sound quality and production. It’s been WAY TOO LONG getting any…

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Thoughtform 3rd Chronicle: Jarrah 

The Wawalak sisters are a part of Aboriginal Dreamtime culture. The story has regional variations with each following a similar narrative of two sisters roaming unfamiliar territory. One sister is pregnant, they stop to rest near water. The pregnant sister…

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Thoughtform 2nd Chronicle: Days Ahead 

This song came on thick and fast. The ingredients collected on a street corner without me completely realising it was happening. Into the song cauldron went:  



Sandy beaches

Deja vu

Days Ahead is…

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Thoughtform 1st Chronicle: Ostrich Plume 

This is the first entry in a series taking a beyond the veil style look at the songs.

Songwriting is difficult to talk about because to a large degree I feel the songs write themselves. In this manner my…

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Brodmann Pianos (an impromptu review)

A couple of months back I played a Brodmann piano at a few dance recitals. That piano left a big impression on me. 

Brodmann is a name I’ve heard great things about and now I understand why. They have a…

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A Classical Interlude 

Bringing together a collection of classical works isn’t without its challenges. Where to begin and what to include? Some very clear pieces made themselves known early on. 

Fantasie Impromptu 

Certainly one of the most evocative piano pieces…

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Story of Daphrie Lane 



Sometimes there are moments in a songwriter's world when the question beckons "Why haven't I released this?" 

Well, Daphrie Lane, I suppose, is one of those moments, sort of. Originally I wrote the song with the lyrics and melody you…

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Thoughtforms, or a self titled first entry.

...and a warm welcome! 

New year, new habit – Blogging – *gasp*

This blog idea started way back in 2012. It was called 'The Desert' for a little while, and mostly contained lyrical snippets and random things…

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