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  1. Luxury Queen

From the album Private Reel

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Luxury Queen

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"Homophobia exists even in the metal scene. I was taken by the idea of a homophobic metal enthusiast wearing more make up than a proud man in drag. All the while this homophobe's prejudice is largely false. For all the homophobe knows the proud Queen could be a straight man after all. This amused me."
- S


“I am human, am I not?
Human he or she?
Human for always
You know, you know
Human otherwise wise or not
Bi locate gender laws”

She's a luxury queen
She doesn't need defending against the cold

“Brush it off, brush it off”
She truly means it
“Brush it off, brush it off”
and I can feel this

So, this luxury queen
Yes, she's aware of her beauty
and quite aware that you notice
She never needs defending
So I'll put your cold metal over here

I see your prejudice running out of the room
See your prejudice running out of
See your prejudice running
Well, did you ever see anything so uncalled for in your life?

She doesn't feel the cold
Never feel the cold
Never feel the cold

She does just what she wants because she knows
She won't be the first or last in line to go
Back to the point; this hatred of yours I don't understand it
I never could

“I am human, no?”

Never need defending