From the recording The Diplomat


Ride on pagan ballerina
Tippy toe across what they will write on
Staves starve themselves leaner

Do I think, of course I think
You’ll remember me

Playing chess to the Logical Song
Oh the time it takes to change
By the time to leave behind

The pendulum swings under your cloak
Trial the checkmate
What will your piece denote?

Wickerman could you light the return?
This jabberwocky knows all
Except how to learn

Now of all of this hum drum
Was it fear, suspect it was censored the cause
(and the rabbit)
Do we stand, of course we stand by R. Crumb

Still playing chess while the Logical Song
Hands a return to Oz
Leaving prints on the undone

Little ballerina you must feast
Harvest the lesson
A few crumbs at least

Draw us a plan
Little darlin, well, I guess he did

So that if we return
We can always return
Just return

Still April’s wisdom falls on the first day
You bring yourself resistance
It’s only changing

(Give her the time)

She can’t understand
They say it’s only time