1. Ostrich Plume

From the recording Spectral Carnivores


Keep your head down child of mine
How many times do I have to tell you?
The thing that saves, keeps you slave
You'll never get out of the full story
Because they are and will always be
The first to admit just to beat you to it

Screening loves you best with the grain
At least that's what they say

Ostrich plume, a strange bloom
They estrange blue in ostrich plume

Scratches in the sand find a way to the arm put mine around her
And sometimes it's not a habit
Hand feather blew speed towards this outcome
Which right now feels if I put my head down deep I could sleep

Screening from the wrist with the grain
Isn't that what they say, hey you

But it's not like that

May she call her name
And may you call her name

Round and round and round and here we go

Shame the conversations they never had
In the real world the tracks in the sand
Go back to her arm leading back to your fear
This fan, these feathers only blowing up time

Round and round and round we go

Screening all your best with the grain
I bet that's what they'll say

And may you call her name
And may she call her name

But it wasn't like that and with time it turns out her name meant more than she ever knew.