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  1. Days Ahead

From the recording The Diplomat

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Days Ahead

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I remember when we first met
You were the joker
And I played the fool
How were we to know
This was years ahead
I ran into you

Heard you moved to Florida
By the sea with dolphins
They smile at this girl
Who runs away from

Love, this is our place
This is our time
We’re in days ahead
In the back of our minds
Still in days ahead

Used to do many, many drugs
‘cause we couldn’t say no
Then you’d do my homework
While I played piano
Gee it’s nice to see you here again
Same place and time in days ahead

Heard you moved from Florida
Bring those dolphins back
They still smile at this girl
Who runs away from

Love, this is our place..

Heard you down the phone
On Australian soil
Woke then
Sometimes I think the sea
Will never be half full enough
For dolphins

You say you don’t have to worry
‘Cause you’re among friends here
“You’re safe here with me and my boys”
Safe now
Just me and my boys

And I heard you
I never moved to Florida
But I learned well how to smile back at

Love, this is our place this is our time..

I’m still in my daze here with you