“Music is visceral. You cannot hold it, yet it holds you. It is a key to the unknown, and something we all agree exists.”


Piano led enchanting blend of Kate Bush, Air and a touch of Beethoven.

Sky Bishop's diverse musical styles are entwined with subjects ranging from theology to hardship to love and the human struggle. With eclectic tastes steeped in an ever evolving career her chameleon-like talent for stylistic shifts are evident in every release

 Australian born to a musical family Sky's passion began early. Classically trained as a pianist by her grandmother, whilst cultivating guitar skills from her father. Her talent for singing started to show from a young age. With the varied musical genres she grew up with present today in both her contemporary solo work and as a classical pianist.

 To date Sky's albums have each followed a theme. Her debut in 2012 'The Diplomat' dealt with themes of oppression. Songs like 'Bornographic' a darkly haunting first person narrative about the insidious nature of passive aggression, 'Tomten', with it's dreamlike swells, speaks to modern day ignorance of folklore.

In her follow up album 'Private Reel', released later the same year, Sky explored what privacy means in modern society. The song 'Luxury Queen', about the fluidity of gender, is reminiscent of early Genius. While the guitars in 'Jarrah' soar along with her vocals.

In her latest release 'Spectral Carnivores', 2019, Sky brings a personal touch to the subject of death and the paranormal. The sonic beauty in 'Twister' hides it's heart wrenching undertone of a person contemplating suicide. Conversely, 'The Creature and the Boy', a spoken dialogue between two characters, a young curious boy and an ethereal being who tells of his desire to be believed in, brings even the most ardent skeptic to tears.


Since 2016 Sky has played the works of Gershwin, Ravel, Chopin, Beethoven, Schubert and more as a pianist for various music workshops, courses and programs in the UK. As a classical pianist, both solo and accompanist, she works with universities, theatre productions, ballet schools and not for profit events. She is currently working on a classical album release.


Today Sky describes her career as 'Typically Gemini” owing to her distinctly varied musical roles. One part classical, one part contemporary.