1. Pepper

From the recording The Diplomat


Still dangling by your threads
Chicken coupe to onion ring
You don’t need a suitcase for where you’re going
Rail on
Don’t even

The elephant and the feather
Ground to pepper
How long we dangle
Trains and subways
Thread back to me

It’s not you
It’s just anyone
Who’ll give their life
So when does it even begin?
And your heart is your home
Wrapped in living package
Can it find a way in from the toll it takes not to sin?

The elephant and the feather..

Funny girl you can’t stop mid stream
When chickens lose their heads I’m over yours
Still dangling by your thread
Pepper in my head you can take as long as you need
Take as long as you need
Just take

The elephant and the feather..

Thread back to me
Thread back to you

All by the lesser known
You know me