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  1. Wolf

From the album The Diplomat

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"The pull out method is a fucking joke. It's what happens when insecurity meets immaturity. The line about 'their assets' is sarcastic. Wolf is about true erotica."
- S


Saturday 30th of April
Cadillac ride with my friend the Zombie
Pot, kettle, black magic in his way
We followed the map but got lost up the mountain
My lines cross his land anyhow
Some things never lose their meaning
My skin and bones, his legacy
Thought I heard a wolf
Turned to me and said:

“This is really starting to take it’s
Toll on me”

Wednesday 4th of May
“Just think if we don’t, we will always wonder why”
You’re turning everything I once believed around onto me
Why would a lesson feel like a conclusion?
“Out here there’s more than one way to die”
(I can’t) Shh, think I saw a wolf
Their assets putting out, he knows when to pull out
(Til death) What does that mean?
“Find another way, cause this is really starting to take it’s toll on me”

"I will always be with you somehow"

Friday 13th of May
Cadillac ride with my friend the Zombie
All skin and bones with his legacy
“Let the magic in, 'cause it still means as much”
It’s been one fortnight
“Just think if we don’t we will always wonder why”
(Feel me)
This time I can feel the wolf
Out here small comforts are a big deal
This is really starting to take it’s toll on me

"Don’t abandon me here"

It’s been two months since I got in that Cadillac
With the zombie whose a friend of a friend...
Now all my friends are no longer my friends
(She can’t understand)
They can’t understand a diplomat who befriends the undead
You could say I have no sense of direction
But he understood a death wish to live
That month the wolf from my past
Really took its toll on me