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  1. Halloween

From the album Private Reel

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"Halloween was written on Halloween. It was never intended to be a song. It was a throw away moment at the piano which drew me in deeper."
- S


Way, way back in time forever to find you
All waiting in line, all set for the fine view

Maybe I'll go
Maybe I'll stay
Maybe The Fall just blows this away
I hear you say 'it's never too late'

Oak Tree where we find the pieces we've once been
We'll left hand drive
Westward, the reoccurring scene

Maybe I'll go
Maybe I'll stay
Maybe the Fall just blows this our way
I hear you lean towards Halloween

Eve of All Saint's unspoken word
Echoes down uneven ground
Death and desire, you light the sage
Tendrils and flesh tightly bound
and with the lantern from your hand
Passed down from candle to this land

Season's turn, as does every page
Grey paving thought beyond fact
Out of the blue carried night into day
Oh but you can feel deeper than that

and with the scarecrow in this light
Casting his shadow on second sight

Don't let the moon set too soon
Know that I will burn for you
Don't let the moon set too damn soon
Down on the eve of the muse
If you let the moon set too damn soon
Know that my desire can't lose
I will find you, Halloween