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  1. Cavalry Idle

From the album Private Reel

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Cavalry Idle

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"In green she wears it well. On bended knee she searches the key.
"Go on, judge me, my dress and how I sung"
Greed and envy, stiffs engorged on blood of the young. The diamond cutter shifts.
"Gather the others, it's time we made a hit." "
- S


Open the door twisted bind
When this song's over, return to your life
Measure up to your stories, the legend
Before emerald ivy slips in, you should know

I only wear this to be seen
I only eat out to stay lean
I only speak of those who have been
I only came to make the green

Cavalry Idle

Sinners and users won't budge
Winners or losers you can one day be the judge
Open the door twisted bind
Switch the stationary
Send another's young down the mine
It's record diamond time
Cavalry Idle, pass the key
Slip a finger in, keep them keen
This is not living
I only came to make you green

So one day you'll be the judge
Someday, you suppose
One day you can have it all emerald
Some day we're all juxtaposed

Inspire to aspire
Nothing's confirmed or denied
Forget the song, forget my voice
Cavalry Idle, you are the choice
For all who've been before remember you hold the key to their door
So before you decompose

I only wore this to be seen
I only ate out to stay lean
I only spoke of those who had been
I only sang this to pass you the key

Cavalry Idle, return to your life