1. Kerosene

From the recording Private Reel


Here, is what it is
The thrill of the kill
A lone wolf cries
In the middle of the hill
A man can stand by ether, both sides
Of the wagon wheel pushing up them pines
For truth and ails
Your call, heads or tails

Embers we are loaned to Luna night
Please understand the dream
Catch her eye

Running bear these old eyes have read well the land and of your smoke
White fella ride
Victory, every city his pride, his hide
With powder burn and spoke
What he didn't know those seeds would sow
No he did not know them seeds would sow

Here by the bonfire
My lantern is your light
Yes, I've played my part
Not saying it was right
More like clouds in my coffee
Hey, but I guess this is a start
All that I've seen
All by the scent of kerosene