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Another Day In This World

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"The world recession brought with it a lot of suicidal thoughts for many people. Many tragically acted on these thoughts. I can't relate to this first hand but as a bystander who watched the news I felt the change in the air. It changed me, it made me furious. What the are we doing to each other? Why war, poverty, starvation, suicide? We accept these tragedies far too readily because it's easy. Fuck easy." - S


Solder, siren take me back to James St

Little boy on the sidewalk with holes in his shoes
That take him anywhere but away from there
Grown man stands once again on his home turf
In his head he never...

Just another day in this world

Wale ripped from the ocean
In her eyes I swear you can see her cry
Yeah, I swear she knows what's happening as they slit her innocence, for what?
Like that actress said, she said:
“I'd do anything for you”
and now I fear I know exactly what she meant

Human beings bought, sold
Sweat shops, sex slaves indiscriminate of age
and the perpetrators slit the innocent wide
and when you do know exactly what it means

If there is another day in this world

Little boy I know there ain't enough supermen in this world
But I'm sure your Daddy loves you all the same
Oh yes he does now
In the August heat the sidewalk burns both their feet
I just can't take another day in this world

Solder, siren take me back to James St