1. Aluminum

From the recording The Diplomat


Sometimes I get the fear so bad
This world can be like one big ad
For something I don’t understand or need or even want in my life
Gotta get a fresh start, maybe a condo
But I don’t think so
‘cause I hate to move unless something moves me
Got some magic up my sleeve
Do you think it’s enough
To get through these ashes of this phoenix tattoo

And the sands of time
Are gonna bury the good in my heart
If I’m not careful

Then he said
“Girl, you don’t need a condo to write those songs of yours
So write me a dream, write me a tall story of what we did last summer
Write it with love
And sign it with a kiss
You funny Sunny Chess-Piece”

Sometimes I wish I was Penn & Teller
Not either/or but the both of them
They make the bullshit in this world just disappear
And it’s my favourite trick of all
It makes me cry, I don’t know why

It’s just so beautiful
Way to see the world
And wipe the need into a tear

Then he said
“Girl you don’t need to need those things you think you need are in your head and there’s enough in there without an ad for something
You don’t want to explain, or even need to
So just feel those things you do”

Sometimes I wish I had a band
And that this accent of mine would make up its mind
It’s never raining when it pours
It’s a brand new abrasion
Better sign these papers
Better learn to live my life

With the sands of time
And the sleight of hand on my clock points out a phoenix is not a rain coat
(for this occasion)
If or when
(the storm it even comes)
Come on and strike me down
(come on what you gonna do)
Strike me down
(can’t do this for you)

Then he said
“Girl, you don’t need a green card
Or know how to say aluminum”
He said it with a smile that said he’d say it twice for affect
Got a lot not to need no more now all thanks to you sir
Now I can’t stop laughing
It’s my favourite word in the Webster
He said
“Aluminum, now get on with your fresh start
By the way was this your card?”