Art For Art’s Sake

Back in the late 90’s I set about finding a proper art teacher to sate my obsession for sketching faces. Figured I would join some evening classes for a couple of weeks, learn some pro tips, and take it from there.  

Then, like something out of a really predictable movie, I found Gisela - a real deal portraiture and still life master. Did I mention she’s the real deal, Check her out here.

I answered an advert she’d placed in the local rag for private art tuition. Then, like a predictable movie, it turns out we lived a few doors down from one another in the same quiet street of sleepy Ferntree Gully.  

We hit it off really well and for the next few years I took still life lessons in Gisela’s backyard studio.  

The lessons were in the evening between seven and nine, from memory. But we talked so much I often left around midnight. The conversation usually revolved around art, music, and ghosts. When two people realise they each love a good ghost natter, the flood gates open. Big time. Hence the late nights. 

Although I work primarily in digital art and photography, my heart doth layeth in ye techniques o’ olde. The basis of everything I do digitally is all down to still life, in particular the light, shade, and colour pallets. As a nerd I enjoy the discipline of getting something just so. 

To anyone working, or interested in digital arts, I say look back at the masters throughout history. Perhaps even take some still life classes. But, bottom line, don’t let the digital age make you lazy. 


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