COVID-19 Mustn’t Drown Equality

As we find our way through this new reality it’s important we remember what we were doing directly before this terrifying aberration. The Me Too movement is more than a popular headline or hash tag, it’s paramount to us as a species. Don’t let this conversation be silenced by COVID-19. 

As of right now COVID-19 has the loudest voice in the room, and this is vitally necessary. Stark reality check, there are those who are, as you read this, using this dark hour to capitalise on fear. They are many and they are varied. One isn’t a person, or persons, it’s an invisible force known as forgetfulness. The world is fortunate that Harvey Weinstein‘s conviction was handed down just before COVID-19 engulfed our consciousness. The process could have otherwise been delayed and prolonged further. 

Me Too began in 2006 on the MySpace social networking site by Tarana Burke, a civil rights activist from New York. Like many of you I hadn’t heard of Me Too until around 2016. For the betterment of humanity let’s not allow this exigent subject to quieten down. 

Our challenge now, and moving forward, is to pick up where we left off. We must continue the good fight in these new social and economic limitations. Keep this dialogue flowing. Equality is everything.

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